Concrete Patio Turns into an Outdoor Living Room?

Who says a concrete patio isn’t pretty?

As you probably already know, a slab of concrete provides the perfect base for outdoor entertaining. You don’t have to pay to build a deck or even design a tiled or stone patio. The concrete can end up looking just as good for a fraction of the cost (plus minimal maintenance to boot!)

Let me explain: concrete can be stained, painted, covered with area rugs and furniture. Once you’re finished designing your outdoor room, you’ll never notice the concrete – except that you do very little work to maintain it.

Staining Concrete:

If you DO want to upgrade the look of your concrete slab because it won’t be entirely covered by furnishings (or you want to increase the value of your home), consider an acid stain treatment that you can do yourself. The video below explains how:

Tannin Concrete Stain

Lichen Concrete Stain

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