6 Tips for Creating Outdoor Living Rooms that are
User-Friendly, Comfortable & Stylish…

1. Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen with Bar and BBQ
Backyard kitchens aren’t only functional, they can enhance the look of your deck or patio. They can also increase the value of your home. A more permanent-looking cooking structure can even make a home feel larger.

Tip: try to match the coloring/style of your outside cooking space with your inside kitchen – or at least with your outside furnishings.

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2. Outdoor Fireplaces

An outside fireplace or fire pit is nice to have for a variety of reasons. However, many people don’t consider that it adds beauty and ambiance even when not in use!

“An outdoor fireplace can be both a beautiful and functional asset – plus add value to a home. It provides the perfect focal point for entertaining, and it offers warmth at the same time.”

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3. Outdoor Sofa Sets

Ohana Outdoor Furniture SetIf you want to create a living room outside, you of course want to use living room style furniture.

There are certain types that I prefer using, due to their versatility. Plus, when you get a “set” versus individual pieces, you can really cut costs significantly.

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4. Patio Bar Sets

You may or may not want a bar in your backyard or patio. However, did you know that many of they provide multiple functions? You may decide that you want a bar instead of a dining table…

“…on the other hand, if you are hosting a small dinner party, the set can be used first as an open bar and later as a dining table. No need for lots of space or furniture!”

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5. Outdoor Lamps

Just like the rooms inside a house, interior decorators look at 3 types of lights for outdoor spaces: overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Do the same, and you can create a lot more usability and style in your outdoor room.

Outdoor lighting is a no-brainer if you plan on entertaining in your backyard. At the same time, colorful outdoor string lights or eclectic chandeliers can be enjoyed from inside at night. That’s right, you can take an ordinary backyard and create a stunning nighttime light show that you can view every night.

Find out more about lighting an outdoor room.

6. Outdoor Area Rugs

Seattle Brown Fab Rug with Chairs

You may have a nice-looking deck or patio, or think that outdoor rugs or mats are not worth your time, until you check out these pictures.

It’s amazing how this often overlooked room accessory can even make your furniture look more expensive, comfortable and cozy! Here’s what to look for when shopping for area rugs.

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