Outdoor Curtains for gazeboWhen designing outdoor living spaces, furniture is just one part of the equation. Patio decor plays just as important a role (if not more so) in creating a “room” that feels homey, functional and stylish.

Wall Art

Let’s start with wall art. It’s not just for inside the home, especially if you want to extend your living space to out-of-doors.

You don’t have to go big or pay a lot of money. In fact, you may already have some weatherproof items that can personalize your space. Hint: they don’t necessarily need to be wall decor to be hung on a wall.

“Think outside the box when it comes to decorating the exterior walls of your home. Instead of paintings in frames, think metal wall sculptures, wall hangings, planters or even functional items clocks.”

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Outdoor Curtains

Next up: curtains. Many people don’t even think about using curtains outside for ambiance. Of course, they can help with privacy and shade, but even when pulled back, they can make an outdoor patio feel like an interior room.

Basic panels that are designed for outside use are typically weather-resistant, so they will not break apart, fade or get a bunch of mildew or mold growing on them. Some are even machine washable. They stay looking good for a long time without any effort.

“Weather-proof fabrics make great, easy-care outdoor furnishings like curtains, cushions, hammocks, rugs and even wall art”, according to Dana Kaplan, hammock bed retailer

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Water Fountains

And don’t forget sound when creating outdoor rooms! Listening to trickling water can be extremely relaxing and take the ambiance of your outdoor space to a whole new dimension. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money here.

“If you’re like me, you might be surprised at the options available when it comes to pre-fab water features. For example, you can get very realistic stone waterfall units that (with the right landscaping) may trick your guests into thinking you had it professionally built.”

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Outdoor TVs

There are televisions and movie screens designed specifically for the outdoors. Whether you want a permanent fixture or a moveable structure, there are plenty of options.

“Watching a movie outside under the stars or a football game on the big screen on your back patio while barbecuing takes “watching TV” to a whole new level. It turns an ordinary activity into a special event and is awesome for entertaining friends.”

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